Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad (Official Music Video)

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Popcaan performs music video for "Love Yuh Bad" off the albume 'Where We Come From', song produced by Dre Skull. Video directed by Nile Saulter and produced by Carleene Samuels.

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Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad (Lyrics Snippet)

Gyal a yuh mi want
Pay fi yuh visa mek yuh fly out regular
Baby, Cock up your bumper sidung pon it
Gyal yuh pum pum good and yuh fit
Mi we give yuh everything weh deh in my wallet
And in my pocket

A me fi be yuh baby dad, baby dad, baby dad
A me fi be yuh baby dad, baby dad, baby dad
Gyal yuh good body drive me mad
Love yuh bad, swear to God
Baby yuh a mi love fi life
Mi queen, mi wife
Mi barbie doll

Baby, yuh Pu$$y pretty like the building dem a Canada
Mek di Popskull nail it with da hammer yah
She in love wid the pipe, well see the plumber yah
Baby mek inna dah pretty blanket cover yah
Baby yuh don't look like no gorilla
So mi tek a pick with mi Z10 camera
Put it pon Insta, say a mi baby mother
Soon see mi get more follower