PG 13 - Happy Day - Short Boss Muzik

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Listen & Download "Happy Day" performed by PG 13 off the 'Boss Lady Riddim' produced by Short Boss Muzik.

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PG 13 - Happy Day (Lyrics)

Wake up this morning
Give thanks for life (give thanks for life)
I love my family
God by mi side
Oh oh-oh-oh a happy day
A happy day-ay-ay
A happy day, a happy day-ay

(Verse 1)
Inna the morning when time mi wake
Pray to the father fi see a next day
Life mi a pree naw tek up no K
Life mi a pree so mi naw go a stray
Mi a live and learn without delay
Happiness free no dollars nuh pay
Tell the bwoy dem come out a mi way
A nuh me mek yuh stay how yuh stay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Good morning mummy
I'm so hungry what you got cooking
God bless this kitchen
Sit at the table have some porridge
Daddy deh a jail but I'm not stressing
Need more finger fi count my blessing
Tell badmind seh fi lef him, lef him
Tell badmind seh fi lef him, lef him

(Repeat Chorus)