Peekay & Busy Signal - Show Me Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Busy Signal & Peekay performing "Show Me Love".

Peekay & Busy Signal - Show Me Love (Lyrics Snippet)

Mi say up in the club its going down
Sexy ladies all around
Straight to the bar weh mi step
So mi order mi drinks fi collect

Show me love (From H town to Kingston)
Show me love (From Joebergh to Kingshaw)
Show me love (From Lagos to Cape Town)
We alright (From Dallas to London)
Having fun (Is what we doing right now)
Lots a ladies (Is what we got right now)
In the club, show me love

Party straight we don't stop
Twenty-four-seven right round the clock
Mi roll with the bosses cause I'm a boss
Inna mi dark glasses, see gyal a pass
And tell her fi bubble like that baby
Just gwaan bubble like that baby
And gyal mi seh gimme that, gimme that
Dah whine deh yuh use and drive mi crazy