Noisey Jamaica Season 2 - Episode 6 - Ras Malekot

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In the final episode of Noisey Jamaica II, Walshy Fire heads into the hills above Kingston with a group of Nyabinghi Rastas to truly get down to the roots of this musical movement. On top of that, Walshy gets exclusive time with the one and only Ras Malekot, who gave his perspective on where Reggae came from and how it's evolved to what we see today.

Ras Malekot talks about the climatic changes and how much it has affected the Hope River. On the topic of Music, Ras Malekot believes that reggae music was created to teach the people of his majesty, Haile Selassie the first. Talks about the Jamaican herbs and the integral role that it plays in Rasta culture. He believes that the herb is good for meditation claiming that it elevates the mind to a more devine level.