No More Feuding - Blak Ryno & Popcaan Now Friends

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Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Blak Ryno have settled their differences and made peace following a feud which started back in 2010 when Ryno decided to leave the Gaza camp. Since then both artistes have released a slew of diss songs aimed at one another. A physical confrontation at Sting 2012 led to further tension between the two.

A lot has changed since and both artistes are currently on good terms. Blak Ryno attended Popcaan's "Where We Come From" album launch and performed together on the same stage. The album "Where We Come From" was released back in June 2014 and is available on iTunes and other digital platforms. Both artiste are focusing on their individual careers and their renewed friendship is a good look for the dancehall/reggae community.