No-Maddz - Shotta (Official Music Video)

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Music video by No-Maddz performing "Shotta", presented by Sly & Robbie. Video directed by Kurt Wright.

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No-Maddz - Shotta (Lyrics Snippet)

From him get up in the morning
Haffi pop it off
Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
Haffi pop it off
All station staff

(Verse 1)
Just a little squeeze off a the trigger
Love fi hear the sound of the gun when it fires
Love fi see people get flat and scatter
Change dem good, good names, now dem a shottas
Whole heap a things weh dem yah youths dem no member
Like when them mothers used to change them diapers
Take them to school, pay all the teacher
Evening comes, daddy provide them dinner
When dem sick, dem mothers bleach with them at doctor
Now them a walk, rape, rob and murder
AK 47 in a hand over shoulder
Daddy got a glimpse and him pants full a water
Wee Wee, Mr bad to the bone

(Verse 2)
Bap, man dead out a street
Daddy hear pon the news say him one bwoy dweet
Mama belly ban, head inna hand
Asking Lord, a wah me do wrong
Why fi mi one bwoy turn gunman
A wonder if a the company weh him keep
A wonder if a true, him used to love roam the street
Used to love roam the street (times 4)

Shotta beat it till a morning
Nah hear when mama calling
Him full a tough chat and talking
And a run when big dogs barking