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Ninja Man - Suppose [Survival Story] (Lyrics)

Obstacles may come everyday
Be smart when it comes your way
Be thankful comes what may
Suppose you never see another day

(Verse 1)
Suppose we never skill
Every year Sting keep then mi would a get kill
Suppose we never bad
And stupid, and fool, and never lyrically mad
Suppose mi never tuff
And hard fi deal wid, suppose mi never grow rough
Suppose mi never smart
Suppose mi never kind and did have a dutty heart

This is a survival story
Real gladiator so mi get mi glory
Mi nuh punk, mi nuh drunk out a road
So tell mi fans dem don't worry

(Verse 2)
We nuh lucky we bless, the limit is the sky
So even though we say suppose, look out a yuh eye
Wolf inna sheep clothes, that mean disguise
As yuh quint negative multiply
The street is like quick sand, so watch fi quick hand
The same hand weh mek yuh fall wid a quick plan
Yes, this songs is for your enemy, yuh friends and yuh foes
Even though the song name suppose

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Suppose mi never wise
Suppose God never give mi spiritual eyes
Suppose mi never pray
Yuh know how much things the pagans dem would a do mi everyday
Suppose mi couldn't deejay
Suppose mi never have a song fi the disc jock play
Suppose mi never rich
Mi wouldn't have so much girl a fly down and a pitch
Suppose mi never healthy
And a walk with stick a look people fi help mi
Suppose mi never did a chill
And a be a better man you know how much blood would a spill
Suppose mi never brave
All a mouth bad bwoy would a mek mi live inna cave
Suppose mi never calm
Everyday a bwoy violate him would a get harm

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)