Ninja Man & Nature - Treat Her Fine (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ninja man and Nature performing "Treat Her Fine" off the 'Red Tam Riddim' produced by Biggy Music. Video directed by Mr. B and edited by Roger Maxwell.

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Ninja Man & Nature - Treat Her Fine (Lyrics Snippet)

Treat her kind, every woman need a piece a mind
That's the way how she was design
That's why I gave her my rib
From the beginning of time

(Verse 1)
Mi is a man weh believe inna Karma
Mi wouldn't want no man fi kick down mi daughter
More laughter shed less eye water

A that mi recommend fi reduce the drama
Mi give her just the best, best, best, bes
Trea her like a honor guest
Tell her that she's beautiful and respect yuh will ever get
A house no complete if the female delete
One hand cyah clap to no beat

It's pulling me like gravity to give you all my love
And if destiny was meant to be
Am sure you would be loved

(Verse 2)
Oh baby, how could I say I love you
If all I do is abuse you
I don't wanna live this way
Love is what am use to

Woman if a loving, yes mi give you inna excess
And a caressing mek yuh feel like yuh a the best
Cause physical strength to the soul of a woman is nothing
Less fight more loving