Nesbeth - Hundu Lay Lay (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Nesbeth performing "Hundu Lay Lay" from the 'Victory EP', produced by Entertainment Soul Records. Video directed by Benjamin Lidsky / Dameon Gayle.

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Nesbeth - Hundu Lay Lay (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Blood spill on the oil field searching for the black gold
President like pirates on the high seas trying to hijack every jack soul
But as the world get darker and it turn around faster
Pulling us in like a black hole.

But those who believe will fight and those who believe still fight

There was a time when if you stand up for you right in certain places
You would have to worry about bullet to the faces
Now as time pass, ways, means and mental changes
Now their favorite ways to assassinate is:

Take your voice and leave you voice less
Take your brain and leave you brainless
Have us walking around like zombies pointless and aimless
Now this goes out to all the buffalo soldiers
Who know the war ain’t over till it’s over, let me hear you say

Hundu lay lay lay, hundu lay lay lay (you are a fighter say)
Hundu lay lay lay, hundu lay lay (you are a warrior say)
Hundu lay lay lay , hundu lay lay (you are a winner say)
Hundu lay lay lay, hundu lay lay