Munga & Justus - Life (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Munga and Justus performing "Life" off the 'High Life Riddim' produced by JA Productions.

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Munga & Justus - Life (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
A money over war, life over death
Full joy over fret
Anyweh mi step, Hilltop mi rep
Pull yuh card, every fraud get eject
Yuh hear, could a cash or the check
Fi move forward a the cause weh mi step
From nut'n to supm, now we mek it inna life
We a live it up right

Money over war, life over death
And a we and the gyal dem a step
Drive fast cars, cruise in the jet
And we a every hot gyal interest

Yes, so one time for the life we live
Came so far from the negative
Put yuh cups up and the lighter dem
And blaze it up

(Verse 2)
A just simplicity we use to survive
Give thanks we have life
Every morning we rise
Give thanks to the most high fi the sunlight
Cause the future look bright
Despite the pain and fight
And the wickedness inna the heart of mankind
We still nah loose our vibes