Mr. Vegas - On Your Shoulder (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Mr. Vegas performing "On My Shoulder" off the 'Hot Magnum Riddim' produced by MV Music / Street Hustle. Video directed by Jay Will (Game Over).

Mr. Vegas - On Your Shoulder (Lyrics Snippet)

Put your legs on my shoulder
Feels good like this is your first time
Baby (baby)
I'm ready to bump and grind
Lady, the best sex I ever had is you

Set your legs on my shoulder
Bring your body next to mine
Baby (baby)
We're ready to bump and grind
Lady, I love the freaky things you do

(Verse 1)
Ladies here is your sex song
You've been waiting for this oh so long
The long pole a it mi waan yuh come pon
We naw fi rush so tek time to the slow jam
Finger nail inna mi back a grip mi so strong
Cause mi deh far up inna yuh love potion
Come a top now yuh get promotion
How yuh so wet girl yuh cause a erosion

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
But mi seh anything yuh want I will do that to you
Say my name, say my name, weh yuh want mi do
Look inna mi eyes and tell mi seh yuh love mi too
Gyal no other loving nuh better than fi yuh
How much time yuh come already (about four)
Tun up the sex mi waan yuh come some more
Tonight mi a work fi a perfect score
Caw mi waan always welcome through yuh door