Mr Vegas - My Jam (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Mr. Vegas performing "My Jam" off the album 'Reggae Euphoria'.

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Mr Vegas - My Jam (Lyrics Snippet)

Dj drop it mek the party a rock so
This yah one yah mek the girls dem a dip so
That is my jam
That is my song
This yah one yah mek the girls dem a twist so
How yuh so sweet song a must Danny mix yuh
That is my jam
That is my song

I've been having a good day
Ain't nobody gonna spoil my day
The blessings coming my way
I just put up my hands and say.....

Hay hay hay
Hay hay hay
Hay hay hayyyyyyyyyyy

Well this yah one yah put yuh inna di mood
And the girls say them love this more than cook food
The one yah nice and the lyrics nuh lewd
Even though it make you feel like you wanna get nude
Today feel like a holiday to mi
What a vibes up Inna di party
Every man fi hold a shorty
Just tun up the sound and mek wi start it

(Repeat Chorus)

Yow selector tun up the tune
Mek mi buss a new dance deh
Gi mi little room
Pickney love this more than cartoon
and the bride dem want fi dance this with the grooms
Girls pretty like when flower a bloom
Yuh know mi love off the scent a dem perfume
Them say that the world a end soon
So live yuh life before yuh guh inna di tomb.