Mr Vegas & Latty J - Who Rule (Official Music Video)

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Mr. Vegas and Latty J performs music video for "Who Rule", music produced by MV Music / Boomtunes, video directed by DeeGo & Colin Young. A TMD video.

Kingston, Jamaica:- High riding dancehall star Mr. Vegas has released a collab with Latty J, one of the hottest new recruits on the Dancehall Scene, dubbed Who Rule.

The track and video, which was released this week is another from Mr. Vegas' MV Music outfit featuring one of the artistes in his stable.

The August Town native has been bubbling up with several hot singles over the past few months. She recently bussed big shots on the Mint Tea Riddim with Shape & Figure and Irie Vibes on the Protector Riddim. She was also presented and accounted for on Jah Snow Cone's Nuh Fraid Riddim with a track titled Put Up Unuh Han and before, claimed God A God on another collab with Mr. Vegas. On all tracks Latty J demonstrated dexterity and skill in handling the riddim; peppering it with catchy lyrics in her own gritty feminine style.

Happy with the latest release Latty J says she is rising to the next level, "Who Rule is a kind of coming of age for me. I have been in the business learning and showing the people my talent and this track is just a culmination of part of my musical Journey"

Mr. Vegas for his part is happy he and Latty J could have the chemistry for such a conceptually difficult song to pull off, "When Pappa San and Lady G did the same concept it was a smash because they had the chemistry and now in 2014 Latty J and myself have come up with a similar feel but with different metaphors and similes. We work well together and she is one of the new artistes who will inherit the future of dancehall".

Who Rule features Mr. Vegas and Latty J in competition as to who wears the pants in the house. It is a humorous take on male to female relationships and brings added fun to the dancehall landscape which is sometimes void of humour and the harmless banter of forgone years.

Mr Vegas & Latty J - Who Rule (Lyrics Snippet)

A man rule, nuh woman cah tek mi fi fool
Mi wear di pants inna di house a me rule
Woman rule, nuh man cah tek mi fi fool
Mi have mi education, mi go a good school

A me run things and mi nah stop seh so
Nuh bother wid the argument a God set it so
Woman run things and mi nah stop seh so
Member is a woman yuh born from enuh

Hey Latty, yuh really want a competition
Mi know seh woman nuh admit when dem wrong
Yuh know the only thing weh unno have over man
Is fi lock up di shop and nuh give nothing fi nyam