Million Stylez Ft. Lutan Fyah - Revelation Time (Official Video)

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Music video by Million Stylez & Lutan Fyah performing "Revelation Time", produced by Akom Records. Video directed by Million Stylez and edited by Ali Quraishi.

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Million Stylez Ft. Lutan Fyah - Revelation Time (Lyrics Snippet)

Chant Rastaman fire bun
Dem say we don't know the world curriculum
So dem call we lost stupid and dumb
Rastafari come you no see it

Hey a revelation time and the people acting blind
The world is in trouble manipulating minds
Wake up, wake up
It's like dem ears mussi cake up

Put down the Ks and nines full time to rejoice
Don't praise no Antichrist
Cause you have to wake up Jacob
Well Lutan tell them no straight up

(Verse 1)
You no see a serious thing a gwaan
This generation lost
Children having children, parents take it fi a laugh
Corruption all side four corner blood bath
Nation against nation the world inna war
Fighting for gold, oil and tar
When the soldier dem aim dem a shoot you from far
Dem make the laws and draw the last straw
Babylon judgement a go hard

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Take a look at the situation
It doesn't look good my friend
No my friend no
This world is full of abomination
A so it stay to the end oh yeah
So it stay to the end of times of revelation
We are all from the same creation
While they say there is no relation
Now it's all about your occupation
We are dealing with so much temptation
Corruption inna every nation
If you believe don't act like a pagan
Come together hold a meditation
A revelation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Me see politics friction
Government ago sink inna quick sand
Every ghetto youth waan be the big man
Yet still Jah Jah bless the likkle bit weh dem survive pon
Put a fire pon the media
Politicians are the biggest area leader
Dem know say a dem buy the guns and a dem sell the drugs
And a dem give the killa dem visa

Boom bun the vatican and me say fire pon the pope
Dem come with poison and not the antidote
So much fear out there it's not a joke
Righteousness we promote yeah
And they will be worshipers of themselves
Jah is the creator and no one else
Who will save you when you cry for help
Only time will tell

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
I won't forget about the past
Remember Hitler is the worst we come across
The bwoy Stalin gwaan like him a the boss
Selassie I just step in with one thunder ball
Millions are spent to build nuclear bomb
World tour fi shed blood and destroy Jah land
Drugs and alcohol inoculation
Youths wake up from all your illusions hooy
Lutan Fyah wow Million Stylez (Fire burn dem)
Catch Babylon with one big pot a swine a boil
Hooy burning (Jah Jah bun dem) burning, burning, burning
It's a judgement time hooey
Judgement, the people acting blind heey
Judgement, blind dem can't see the signs
This a judgement time