Mighty Mystic - Happy (Official Music Video)

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Mighty Mystic performs music video for "Happy" off the album 'Concrete World' produced by VP Records Music Group, video directed by Marlon O.

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Mighty Mystic - Happy (Lyrics Snippet)

Aloha, Hi how you doing world

(Verse 1)
Yeah the sun is shining
And I'm feeling great
Thank God it's Friday
No more work for me
I've got money in my pocket
And a smile on my face

(Hook 1)
And I'm as free as the birds in the trees
I'm as happy as happy could be
Ohhhooooohhh oooohoooohoo
I'm as happy as happy could be

(Verse 2)
Let the children play (Play, Play, Play, Play)
The world is there home
(Home, Home, Home, Home)
And freedom's in the air
Man I feel it in my bones
Its then I realize
That I'm glad to be alive