meZmo - My Way (Official Music Video)

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Music video by meZmo performing "My Way" off the 'Unexplained Mission Riddim' produced by Green Link & Pryme House Productions. Video directed by Dario Magix.

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meZmo - My Way (Lyrics)

If I have my way
A nuff likkle things would a haffi change today
If I have my way
The system couldn't stay the way how it stay

(Verse 1)
Cause all the plan dem a mek and the loans dem a tek
A put we down deeper inna debt
Then dem pass it on to the next one
And a the poor it a lef pon
Lots of promises mek, none never kept
We feel like a we get rejected
Da road yah hard fi we step pon
Jah know Jamrock inna quick sand
It's going down, down, everyone come around
Tek weh dem want gone back to dem town
Soon we naw go have nuttn weh we own
The bigger heads dem a clown

(Verse 2)
Even though love gone lef we
Mi a beg Jah please nuh forget we
Cause a who a go help we
When the guns dem load and pocket empty
And if yuh look yuh naw go see no smile
Not even pon the smallest child
A full time unuh recognize
Unuh a play dumb a we pay the prize
So tell me how are you alone
A grin off yuh teeth when yuh come through the town
AC a blow so no window nuh down
Yuh tek people fi clown