Maxi Priest - Holiday (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Maxi Priest performing "Holiday" produced by VP Music Group. Video directed by Ras Kassa for The Hynes Group. Video was shot in Strawberry Hill, Jamaica.

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Maxi Priest - Holiday (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
I didn't think you'd be
More than a mystery
Cause you are like a fantasy
A woman of my dreams to me
But oh, oh, you're so warm in a world so cold
That is why I love you so

My supervisor stressing me
I met so many enemies
It's taking all my energy
But I know that everything will be alright
If I could have you by my side
I wanna love you all through the night

It feels like a holiday
I feel your body on me
Like a summer breeze in the shade
And I've been working all week
And my mind needs time to play
Like a holiday
Oh would you come my way

(Verse 2)
Next time that I need a break
I wanna love you like a holiday
I wanna love you like a holiday
It's never enough time left to hold you
You're slipping away out of my hands
And I don't wanna have to watch you leave girl
So kiss upon my lips just once again
I dont want this night to end