Mavado - My Own / Paypa (Official Music Video)

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Mavado performs music video for "My Own" (off 'The Good Book Riddim', produced by H2O Records) and "Paypa" (off 'Fire Supreme Riddim', produced by Armz House Records). Video directed by Shutah Films and presented by We The Best Music Group.

Mavado - My Own (Lyrics Snippet)

Mussi true, true a me a the man
Like me nuff a dem waan fi be the don
But watch mi lead and mek some fassy carry along
Cause how dem waan fi be a don and dem nuh half of a man

Gyal a chat seh dem a nyam
Seh dem a put face weh waist belong
Dem chase like Tracy Anne some pop down pastry van
Mi realize dem only bad in a song
How ironic, must because am someone psychotic
Mi drive the business like a car
Mi shut it down like a bannit
Dem cyah stand it
Fi run the place mi hear dem a plan it
Tell dem shut dem mouth dem chatting sh!t

From overseas mi get a call and hear seh chat a gwaan
So mi seh alright a that a gwaan
Anyweh dem stand up the K a clap yuh from
Yuh nuh reach mi spliff size
Better yuh sit and smoke a Matterhorn

Mavado - Paypa (Lyrics Snippet)

A wah mi seh, paypa, paypa
Whole heap a Franklin paypa
We no see spy nor traitor
Weh, weh mi seh, paypa, paypa, paypa
Anything mi have yuh know it pay fah
Pon the hill yuh see mi acre
Weh, weh mi seh, paypa

Mi meck dough like the baker
Work hard like ants so mi save hard like the savior
Mi have a hustling behavior
If mi nuh meck a dollar better days mi a pray fah
When yuh see mi a the money team mi a play fah
Players wid Nanny give mi a new Shearer
Mi have a woman a mi yard name money
And mi wife mi a f*k it meck fimi life dearer
Man nyam carrot if you waan fi see clearer
Fi see seh poor life bitter like aloe vera
We a run the road, we a go fah like Fearer
Fi mek a box a money fi dah year yah