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Audio by Mavado performing "Hide & Seek" off the 'Pandora Riddim' produced by Studio Vibes Entertainment.

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Mavado - Hide & Seek (Lyrics)

Spanish Town claat Haskell
Portmore mek head back drop out and smell
White Hall from dem diss
Grants Pen, Cassava Piece
Dem living in hell

The 4x4 go so pam-pam
Blaze up the place like lantern
Pu$$yhole from yuh try diss Waltham
Rise up a rifle a falcon

Just member this
Mi nuh play hide and seek
And yuh cyah diss the don and go hype and speak
A tell gyal seh dem bad dem a draws pon teeth
Man will walk lef the wul a unuh bloody pon street

(Verse 1)
Mi thing a knock a pu$$y better stay down
The place hotter than the devil playground
Ninja Kid ride out pon the bike back
Kill who fi kill and then we kill who nuh like that
Mi deh pon a bad part if yuh nuh deh pon it
Mi kill yuh tek yuh gun give mi second it
3Star open head like a sergeant
Fix yuh wid the 4-5 like a mechanic
Dem a enamel pu$$y wid the two face
Five shooter fire two face
Have a B51 inna mi suitcase
If mi press yuh get squeeze like mi toothpaste
Head hotter than a tooth ache
Ten teeth a hot once not a tooth break
This buss quicker than a sweepstake
Mi war sour all the fox a seh a sweet grape

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gully Side fully loaded, dem a basic
Turn mi back dem a chat bout the place shift
The A1 stinger mek the place lift
The K bright up the place like a spaceship
We born bad, fi mi place sick
10 year old pickney come fi yuh payslip
Nuh need clearance a nuh airstrip
Yuh cyah change mi thought or we minds we nuh gear stick
Mi and da fassy deh could a never in the same clique
Dark and mi walk wid a spare clip
The don league a nuh cartoon it matrix
A nuh cartoon it matrix
Gully Side kill dem inna war any day quick
The don league a nuh cartoon it matrix
A nuh cartoon it matrix
Mek dem run een, mek dem run een, mek dem run een