Mavado - Ben Ova - How It Feel Riddim

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Mavado tells the girls them to "Ben Ova" and touch their knees in new track fresh off the 'How It Feel Riddim'. Single was produced by Dj Frass Records and is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms.

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Mavado - Ben Ova (Lyrics Snippet)

Gal ben ova and touch your knees
A pu$$y and breast mi squeeze
She say come come over come [email protected] me please
She send a naked picture weh fi start the tease

Mi say Gal when yuh inna jaws and bra that a my time
Dis yah black bwoy sneak inna yuh yard inna night time
Missa tek weh your gal and gone that a my crime
Yuh fi know a me run the gal street like white line

You need me like your lungs need air
Yuh got a man but yuh kind so yuh share
Mi inna fi yuh life mi no too care
As yuh left outta yuh yard mi a fi yuh nightmare

She need me, she need me
She a open up fi receive me
She need me, she need me
Frass, all she want she want to please me