Mavado, Alkaline & I-Octane - Above Dem - DJ Frass Records

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Mavado, Alkaline & I-Octane performs new single titled "Above Dem" produced by DJ Frass Records.

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Mavado Ft. Alkaline & I-Octane - Above Dem (Lyrics)

Bugger dem, Mi seh bugger dem
Wul heap a fight we get but still above a dem
We laugh ha-ha bugger dem
We loss the bugger dem
The more dem try fi fight we tun up and up again

We money nuffa nuff again
Pagans a cuss again
The powder and the oil nothing yuh use nuh work again
Can't tell when last we bruk a gain
Dem gyal we still a love again
The money and the fame yuh know we have it over dem

(Verse 1)
Left hand a beat a rolex
Rose gold mi neck a wear
If a nuh Jordan we inna alligator wear
Fassy a look a stripe, better yuh get a pair
We lock the business tek the key and we no left a spare
Pu$$Y yuh no inna the circle, Tan out a the square
Different currency call it current affairs

Better know this jealousy got mi strap
Got me close to the edge, I got the cops on mi back
No way I'm not giving up
Dem throw dirt pon mi name but the fans dem dig it up
The magician got the thing enuh
Clip mi finger 3 times, everything erup
Mr fassy waan see mi stuck
Ain't going back broke simple mean naw see mi bruck

(Verse 2)
A we dem a watch like movie theater
But we say nonstop cash we a move the paper
We nuh beg bwoy nuttn the Gucci pay for
Plus we chain double up like a duplicator
And if yuh mek a comparison to we
Yuh nuh see seh dem a nobody
Globally, stocking up the cash and putting more pon it
Totally, pon the hillside we put a house pon it
Everywhere we go gyal a mad over we

F*k you far mi a come from so mi entitled fi hype
Money speak fi itself these days all me hear is noise
Bruck people bruck mi vibes, young and rich me living nice
Mi nuh care bout no..., I've got bread, eat have a slice
Spend money like nuttn don't follow mi, act yuh salary
Wah gwaan Manley, wah gwaan Shearer
Rassclaat this yah pocket crowdy
Tattoo mi eye mi done say it proudly, .... mi eye dem blurry
Living inna the sky everyday cause mi fly everyday
This yah vision yah cloudy