Masicka x Shanique Marie x Addis Pablo - Lighters - Equiknoxx Music

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Masicka along with Shanique Marie and Addis Pablo brings you a new sound dubbed "Lighters" produced by Equiknoxx Music. Digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos 8/5/14

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Masicka x Shanique Marie x Addis Pablo - Lighters (Lyrics Snippet)

Grades light We a celebrate life
Why segregate when wol' a weh celebrate di same Christ
Place nice, put dung da rifle deh youths and play wise
Mi realize di grave nuh fit mi, mi wah fi wear ice
Air nike and plane flight and big van and dear bike
Politician mek bare noise cah see di pay rise
Cake slice di poor nuh get none tears in their eyes
Street youths want dem day bright now and hearing their cries
As day light, thank Jah fi pave di way right
Grave side is a muss so mi nuh fraid a it
But mi wah stay alive until mi pay right
So mi slave day and night fi a better way right

Cah when yuh try fi rise dem don't love yuh
Bwoy dem red eye so dem grudge yuh
Mama seh... don't get yuh self inna trouble
What is life without struggle