Masicka - Trouble (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Masicka performing "Trouble". Song produced by TakeOva Records, video directed and edited by CAB Concepts.

Masicka - Trouble (Lyrics Snippet)

Your cat always get yuh inna trouble
Every lie yuh tell
And the same cat get yuh out a trouble
Tie mi like a spell

Gyal mi love yuh from mi heart and yuh know it
I got a candle for your birthday blow it

Tonight, I'm gonna take you out
Tonight, bring you to my house
Tonight, you belong to me
Tonight, be a freak for me

(Verse 1)
Dash weh yuh pride
Bring out the rebel inside a yuh
What a gyal caan ride
And the road wet like when rain a dew
Yuh tell me a my body yuh naw geet weh
Mi know yuh a delilah too
Nuh matter how much yuh gimme bun
Yuh still feel so new

(Verse 2)
Yuh a whine up yuh body weh yuh start up
Mi no bother waan cus so mi waan touch
Mi a watch yuh play with yuh body
Play with yuh body
She gimme a porn star touch
All when the love scene over
She a go leave again
Mi know seh yuh bad girl
Just mek sure seh we dweet again