Masicka - Loyalty - Takeova Records

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Masicka talks "Loyalty" in his new track produced by Takeova Records. Claims he never sign fi go buy Champagne, listen as he tells the story about why he left Subkonshus Music.

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Masicka - Loyalty (Lyrics)

Mi never sell out enuh
Tell the youths dem remain wise
Rich or poor, when yuh dead yuh grave a the same size

(Verse 1)
Me seh friend, me seh loyalty, me seh friend
Me never sell out, cut the nonsense
Straight from mi heart big up Konshens
Cut cause mi smart, common sense
Friends start link pon the wrong ends

Jamaica mi never ungrateful
That's why mi cut before the plate full
Sidung and humble mi self
Wait my time fi the gate pull

Yuh see mankind wicked and cunning
When me a war Donia yuh seh done him
Memba you seh run out pon dem
Young general, young and gunning

Everything boil down, everything simmer
Me risk my career and life, you a pree house and Bimmer
Man grow ruff, mi never grow girly
Life weh mi live, mi might dead early
Mummy don't worry, man stand up sturdy
Sweeter the victory, harder the journey
Mek up my mind from the start of the journey
Never quit, never walk off a the journey

This is not a diss song
And probably not a hit song

Me seh friend, me seh loyalty
You seh fame, you seh royalty
Me seh friend, me seh loyalty
You seh fame, you seh royalty