Masicka - I Will - Adde Productions

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The young general Masicka releases new track titled "I Will", produced by Adde Productions.

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Masicka - I Will (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh hide and gimmi the pu$$y
So mi nah fail yuh...
Just beg Jesus fi forgiveness
While mi long [email protected] nail yuh
Mi a concentrate pon mi [email protected] inna yuh pu$$y
Cah mi nuh wah come yet
Mi nuh wah disappoint yuh
Mi just push it in and yuh done wet

Girl.. I will make you come
Mi nah deal wid yuh shabby
[email protected] inna pu$$y and a squeeze up yuh body
baby yuh tight pu$$y clean it nuh sloppy
Slow whine now take a seat pon di [email protected]
Play with yuh cl!t yuh say please do nuh stop it
Dem kinda f#ck yah thief weh yuh catty
She love me like Jesus rate me like Selassie