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Listen & Download Masicka's new single "Hard Ball" off the 'Fire Starta Riddim' produced by Yellow Moon Records.

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Masicka - Hard Ball (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Pu$$y dem start war and a police yuh waan call
Boom, Roberto Carlos hard ball
Middlesex Surrey don't worry how Cornwall
Bwoy skin could a tuffa than all wall
Weh mi cellphone deh, mek a small call
Bare crocodile roll out, couple tall tall
Dawg we bad like 90s dancehall
Mi point this just gwaan like yuh cyah fall
Mi 357 magnum nah stall
Yuh full a bare big chat but yuh heart small
Boom, hard ball pon belly man start crawl
Who fi dead everybody man want all
Gas dem, gimme the light like Sean Paul
Watch dem, fi get weh dawg yuh chance small
Diss the don and dem thing deh
Man empty yuh head and nut'n never in deh

A weh we put inna the Taurus, hard ball
Boom, Roberto Carlos hard ball
Dawg we bad like 90s dancehall
Dawg we bad like 90s dancehall

(Verse 2)
Cyah run out a vibes whole night gun play
Rifle a buss 'boom' night turn day
Mi meager, fist fight I don't play
Hard ball, hard ball and rise some K
Yuh a run off yuh mouth pu$$y try don't stray
Nevermind man will run up weh yuh hide, weh yuh stay
Go pon mi phone and style it a way
Six inna yuh face as yuh light up a cray
Hard ball, the 45 it a spray
Mi nuh rob people a yuh life a go pay
Couple board box inside a di clay
Shot hot like the raas climate inna May
Naw lef it all when time mi a gray
Kingston Killsome, weh dem a try do Mobay
Big man a drop a nuh child we a slay
Genahsyde out bwoy pray

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)