Masicka - Go Fi Mine - Dynasty Records

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Masicka sings "Go Fi Mine" in his latest Dynasty Records produced track.

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Masicka - Go Fi Mine (Lyrics Snippet)

Mummy... yuh know yuh a my first lady
You fi live pon the hill and a drive Mercedes
Yuh nuh know dat

From mi a child mi know fi hunt it fi find the dough
Mummy yuh a mi only queen, to you my life mi owe
Yuh carry me fi 9 months, it rough but yuh fight it doe Now a my time fi....

If my mother a go suffer then people a go dead
And mi a tell yuh dat straight
A bullet inna head pu$$y from yuh try eat our bread
Lowe the food nuh mi day

Mi a go fi mine... mi a go fi mine
Mi a go fi mine... mi a go fi mine
And if yuh stop mi food mi a buss mi nine
When mi a go fi mine, mi a go fi mine

Weh dem feel seh man a bluffer, if she haffi go suffer
A you haffi go feel it, a the steel dem mi a go fah
Mi run inna the bank and if yuh squeal yuh ever utter
Mi and the dawgs dem nyam yuh f*king meal just like a supper

Mi watch mi mother struggle through life
And mi a talk the truth dat a nuh nut'n too nice
And if she cannot happy mi a mek the tool rise
Water bill high mi cyah save nut'n through light