Masicka - Ghetto Road - KevStar Records

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Masicka represents for the ghetto youths in new track dubbed "Ghetto Road", single produced by KevStar Records.

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Masicka - Ghetto Road (Lyrics Snippet)

Out of many one people just nuh mek sense
A nuh nutten fi di MP buy a next Benz
Mama can't afford the cement so wi tek fence
Police kill we off so we have less friends

Ghetto road rougher eeh nuh (yeah di road rough)
Ghetto road rougher eeh nuh (rougher eeh nuh)

Ghetto road rougher what you see yuh don't utter
Bread but no butter youths lie down in cold gutter
Money man a go fah, cah my mummy won't suffer
Police a soul crusher and the youths ain't no bluffer

So, another funeral another nine night
Why dem a criticize my life
A nuff ghetto youths mi see rise and make it
Only criminals dem highlight

Nuff time death could a reach we
Lucky thing Jah Jah deh close
Work until yuh reach fifty
You still can't buy a house

Only one out a million make it
And thats the truth
Big up mi bredda pon di garbage truck
Mi sistren weh tun prostitute