Masicka - Cyah Frighten We - Razzle Music / Takeova Records

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Masicka disses Demarco in new song titled "Cyah Frighten We". This track was produced by Razzle Music / Takeova Records and features an arsenal of lyrics from the 'young general'.

Masicka - Cyah Frighten We (Lyrics Snippet)

Demarsha stop chase, frock face, cat face
Yuh a bow cat bout yuh lock place
What place, which place, 6 race out a the glock
You a gyal piss-pot yuh a sh!t face
Rifle shake the place, big bass
These days you a act tough show yuh real ways
Yuh blonde yuh hair, yuh nyam pu$$y
You see mi and rush mi dawg a dat yuh fi do

Yuh a talk and talk
It obvious seh yuh f*k walk and talk
Grands pend mi left Sub cause the boss man soft
And my thing wild a no art and craft
Rifle shot big like garganta
From dem cross man path
shot lock off man heart

Shallow grave, go fi bord, go fi nail
Inna Demarco face the gyal dem puppy tail
Makai Lane look how the shotty long
Pon da suck pu$$y bwoy deh mi clab it pon
Mi tradition, fi kill bwoy body addition
Glock in hand, kill [email protected] like Jackie Chan
Maggie slam, head a disappear like magician
Him a suck pu$$y and him girlfriend a c*ky nyam
That is wrong, she p!ss inna him mouth don't say a Appleton
Shot a slam, coffin land, funeral bottle bomb
Rifle a mek dem dance like a happy song