[Masicka - Crocodile] vs [Kalado - Mass Murder]

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Dancehall artists Masicka and Kalado are in the midst of a lyrical warfare. The war is brutal and both artist think they're the baddest when it comes down to lyrics. The latest two tracks on the forefront are Masicka's "Crocodile" versus Kalado's "Mass Murder". Sting 2015 is fast approaching and many would like to see these two settle their differences on stage. Listen both tracks and tell us what you think. Do you think the artists are taking it too far? Are the mother insults necessary?

Masicka - Crocodile (Lyrics)

Load up every raas gun
Real killers a walk down
Fire ball a fire hard
Crowd a people start run
Little attention the country nuh waan give you
Suck yuh madda caw Bounty nuh waan see you
Gwaan sing yuh little gyal song dem Ne-Yo
Dump him ova Rio

(Verse 1)
Riffle a wave slap five inna ears
Man a dive inna grave, You a try fi be brave
From box truck and marble and bicycle days
Man a step with the gun mi mother frighten fi days
Coke you a tek a supm white you a blaze
Pu$$y joke you a mek bout yuh will try give mi page
Anyweh mi see you man a fly pon the stage
Buss yuh suck pu$$y face with the mic pon the stage
Mi left hand nuh miss, mi right hand nuh gaze
Boom, points from the case left you lying pon yuh face
Yuh lie inna yuh song mi know the don inna yuh place
Nobody nuh listen your song inna yuh place
You get lock up, Pat was the case
Visa f*kery yuh drop off a pace
Mi go a Sting, Pat was the case
Nuff nuff shot yuh think a ruff cut bass
The gyal dem seh you have a suck suck ways
Yuh cyah seh Alliance Killa nuh trust [email protected]
Genahsyde bad like Ebola plus Aids
Buss gun, f*k gyal, smoke grades

When yuh hear head a find inna dirt
Nine it a burst somebody drive inna hearse
Genahsyde, crocodile dem a work
Genahsyde, crocodile dem a work
From mi little and a grow man wild inna earth
Three inna yuh face me nuh fire binds inna shirt
Genahsyde, crocodile dem a work
Genahsyde, crocodile dem a work

(Verse 2)
Pu$$y yuh full a gun talk, yuh full a words
Wonder if a the rum fool dem or the herbs
Must be your little friends dem or the girls
Rifle shot drive through dem and reverse
We nuh bruk shop pu$$y, mi nuh pick purse
And mi nuh too talk mi give you the clip first
Thirty five doctors, twenty six nurse
Cyah patch up your bloodclaat head when it burst
Should a listen to your mother, she say follow me go church
Little wanna be a inna you the hollow tip a search
Sidung pon endz inna wallabee a try follow friends
Man walk up like a bank clerk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Kill dem
Common sense wah gwaan, weh dem know Spain
Rifle turn on man gone dawg, pure flame
Management drop him, tek back the gold chain
Shot loud chrome aim, black cloud more rain
Bag a f*kery lyrics with yuh poor brain
Old brain hold this, pu$$y pick up four grain
Headshot close range so yuh know mi clothes stain
Bury dem a bury like weh di black phone name
A nuh song alone we lock down the whole lane
Strap down fi bore brain, pop down yuh so lame
Boop inna face five man give you
Yuh war song a joke beg mi write one fi you

(Repeat Chorus)


Kalado - Mass Murder (Lyrics)

When the shot apply, bat a fly
Nut'n cyah lift up
Bullet inna dem suck pu$$y mouth
Destroy dem sex life

Suck pu$$y bwoy mi naw give yuh no chance fi load up
K a clap, man a lay flatter than a robot
Corey bawl when Addi left him and a yasso yuh go cold up
Gunshot fi yuh Nyamasyde, hold up
Mi a the real Alliance trigger finger dem..
Suck pu$$y guy a try look friendship from Bounty
You and Corey Pad nyam gyal pu$$y and drink period
A that mek yuh feel bad
Nuh rifle naw wave pu$$y, a mussi yuh bloodclaat hand
Di scorpion pop off hand shot, no waiver
Tek yuh life weh yuh suck [email protected] madda cyah pay for
Pu$$y a nuh Chan Dizzy war this, yuh call police

When yuh hear body lie down a dirt
Bare blood a run, bat a fly, gun a work
Fi a buss, Nyamasyde him a search
Yuh bloodclaat coffin no go slide inna church
Rifle a flow inna the studio dem a voice
Batty man a copy DiDi song a try build a verse
Mi go action, yuh mek yuh choice inna words
Ask bounty who a the Killa, Nyamasyde dem a nerds
Iron balloon pu$$y dem a walk and talk
The rifle mi draw a nuh art and craft
Nyamasyde run lef him raas and claat
Hear the [email protected] man "Lef SUB cause the boss man soft"
Feel like yuh feel up SUB boss man parts
When mi hear Nyamshitta seh dem cross man laugh
We no kill and go sick out a flask pon flask
Yuh duppy bat see mi and haffi fast and pass

Demarco turn Mayweather the way the bredda box him
Box him, bare back stage a double box him
Even bright light deh deh ready fi box him, ask him
Nuffy nuff up and couldn't stop the boxing from stop fling
Yuh a DJ or wah, better yuh stop sing
Corey build up two Taboo, have man a [email protected] him
Brain a jump out constant when gunshot spring
This youtube artist fi know a worldwide my track spin

Mass murder mi do but now a genocide
6 foot 6 man a send yuh side
Rifle a beat inna poco style
Biggest fish inna the deep is a crocodile

Bullet we dash it a swamp
Bout gas dem up all if it full a tank
Crocs bend inna S, gun a bloodclaat crank
Fire slug inna the club
Yuh blood dash out a the bloodclaat bank
See di clerk dem a splurt mi nuh ramp
No kitchen oil, fishy style get cramp
Shot a dash pon the gas pan inna wild man hand
When mi seh bright light pu$$y, a nuh lamp
Yuh big pu$$y madda deep throat mi gun
Shot out yuh son brain
Young brain lay down inna sewage a run lane
Yuh baby mother thank mi fi kill the youth
Caw yuh never mind it pon a regular she file complain
She give mi style and a seh the wild man a come tame
And a Masicka long tongue her big front name
Talk bout visa, pu$$y a yuh brain man a fly
Caw yuh body naw fly pon plane
No batty stunt game

Massacre mi create a no genocide
Yuh boyfriend dem couldn't tell yuh hide
Rifle a beat inna poco style
The biggest fish inna the deep is a crocodile