Marzdon - Trouble (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Marzdon performing "Trouble".

Marzdon - Trouble (Lyrics Snippet)

If trouble's your name
Stay where you are
And don't you come near me
I don't need your company

(Verse 1)
Trouble easily pick up fi overcome it yes it hard
Whether you a normal man, a superstar or megastar
You can't too good fi escape trouble
From you is a man and yuh straight you a go gain trouble

I'm working hard overtime to find a woman so fine
But mi find seh woman and trouble a one of a kind
Mi love woman dearly like mi soul divine
But more time mi get cross mi haffi tell dem

(Verse 2)
It's so hard living with them
But still so difficult without them
So everyday a mi life I'm searching
To find that one in a million thousand

With the right personality, good frame a mind
A ride or die kind with the future in eyes
Ready fi walk the aisles holy matrimony
But if trouble a yuh name yuh better lowe mi