Marlon Asher - Psalms 35 (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Marlon Asher performing "Psalms 35" off the album 'Illusions' produced by Clear Port Entertainment. Video directed by Bill Jabr.

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Marlon Asher - Psalms 35 (Lyrics Snippet)

Plead my cause O Lord, with them that strive with me
Fight against those that fight me down
Take hold of thy shield and thy buckler
And stand up for mine help
Draw out also the spear
Stop the way against them, that persecute me O Lord
Persecute me O Lord

Say unto my soul
Let them be confounded, and put to shame my Lord
That seek after my soul, yeah, yeah
Let them be turned back Jah and brought to confusion
That deviseth for my hurt
Let them be like a chaff before the wind Jah Jah
Let the angel of the Lord persecute them

Say unto my soul, I am thy salvation
Want you to say Jah, I am thy salvation