Marlon Asher - Babylon Brutality (Official Music Video)

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Music Video by Marlon Asher performing "Babylon Brutality" off his album 'Illusions' produced by Clear Port Entertainment.

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Marlon Asher - Babylon Brutality (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Well forget mi introduction and mek mi complain
Too much a police brutality that man cyah take again
Too much mek guns and Asher man hope yuh listening
And just forget the way yuh view all the ghetto youth dem

Try take a deeper look at unuh own system
And see that brutality thing not working (working)
It's you who give the youths dem gun
And tell dem run go play with it
Some a dem tek it fi play but some gone a stray with it
Babylon and is you who come and take their lives away with it
To how man waan food, dem would a do anything for it
When yuh look across the board is Babylon instigating
Hell fire, brimstone Babylon better run from it

Babylon fi get up and run (run, run)
Cause unuh judgement come
Babylon get up and run (run, run)

(Verse 2)
Subliminally Babylon mess up the children
Call dem juvenile delinquent then blame dem parents
Dem have visual and audio influence
And yuh negative things seem too excite dem

A true yuh powerless
Waan the ghetto youths fi be yuh strength
But Jah Jah ever faithful and would protect dem
And tell dem run away Babylon cause yuh must have yuh day
Fire and brimstone I say