Mark Balet Was 'Born To Love'

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Mark Balet is a reggae fusion artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Born April 24th, 1983 to military and diplomat parents, he grew up as a third-culture kid between Ivory Coast, Egypt, United States, France, England and Spain. Mark Balet has collaborated with artists such as Murray Head, Specta (Saïan Supa Crew) and DJ Poska. He found his way to the music scene with his first album "Eternel" in 2009 [Sony ATV / EMI Music Publishing], followed by an European tour [Le New Morning, La Scène Bastille, Sala Heineken Madrid, Oldschooltura Festival, Le Réservoir (Paris), Meridian 23...]. Signed to the world's leading reggae label, VP Records, his latest album, Born to Love, is lively and threaded with an innovative fusion of Reggae, Afrobeat & Rock; a unique intelligible and harmonious amalgamation that uplifts, intrigues and inspires the listener. The exquisite vocals of Mark Balet are a warm, rich and creamy blend of strength and sensitivity, ingrained with deep meaning, infused with sincerity, and sprinkled with a gentle rasp. His writing style is purposefully profound with explicit intent to deliver a meaningful and worthwhile principle message, sweeping the listener through a life-journey.

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Born to Love was produced by Eternel Music and released by VP Records on July 15th, 2014.

Track Listing:
Love Of A Father
Rising Son
Silent Scream
Mother Angel
Wedding Day
Born To Love
United States Of Africa
Fallen Soldier

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Mark Balet - Born To Love (Lyrics)

Living with no satisfaction, tell me the meaning of life
What will I be remembered for, if nothing is really mine
Desperately searching, does anybody know the answer
I've been so wrong amazing people, friends I've lost
Greed and lust material things can't buy me love

Time to wake up. Time to wake up
Time to wake up and show love

I see no races, no colors, no barriers, only human
I see faces of brothers and sisters all around me
Born to love you always, I will be there
You can call on me whenever you need me
I'm just a traveler bored of the passenger seat
I'm so much better that, I was blind but now I see
Wonderful people around me I was born to love
I water and raise the lovely child I hide inside of me
Warm embrace beautiful smile of a giving soul, hey

Time to wake up. Time to wake up
Time to wake up and show love

Keep your heart above all else
For from it flow the springs of life