Macka Diamond - Mosquita One (Official Video)

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Music video by Macka Diamond performing "Mosquita One" off the 'Good Energy Riddim' produced by Good Energy Riddim - Troyton Rami. Video directed, shot and edited by Carlington Wilmot.

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Macka Diamond - Mosquita One (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Jump mi a jump hey bwoy stop di chatty deh
Well want a ride unuh tell mi weh the jockey deh
Road done bend so mi ready fi go slap it weh
Ready fi go drive from Sunday to Saturday
Pass mi the gift yuh a tell mi seh yuh got it deh
Think mi never hear weh yuh do to dem catty deh
A di real thing a nuh carbon copy yeah
Gimme weh yuh have caw mi still naw dash it weh

Mosquito one, mosquito two
Mi will touch yuh mek yuh crush up like a callaloo
You a the man, me a fi you
Bring yuh loving to me mek mi love you up too
Mosquito one, mosquito two
Mi will touch yuh from yass to Honolulu
You a the man, me a fi you
Wah mi have in stor fi you man yuh don't have a clue

(Verse 2)
Tree trunk mi waan so nuh come wid no pencil
A nuh restaurant weh you a go wid utensil
DC Washington mi inna room wid Denzel
When mi done wid him, him nervous and a tremble
Mi mek him hide like the fugitive Richard Kimble
Never know a so mi frisky and nimble
Man forget dem married and a tell mi dem single
Mi a... terrorist from saltfish a shingle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Anytime mi hip gyrate gyrate
Man haffi scream and a bawl and sing
Man haffi buy pretty clothes and bling
Bills dem pay, dem cover everything
Sign over house up a Coral Spring
Buy mi Bentley with the rims dem a spin
Man a fly from China mi seh ching chung ching
All the pastor inna church him a lust what a sin
No mi nuh know mi nuh fraid a no bwoy
Man want a good touch a Macka D dem employ

(Repeat Chorus)