Lutan Fyah - One Pants Bwoy - Blaze It Up Production

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Lutan Fyah drops "One Pants Bwoy", single produced by Blaze It Up Production.

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Lutan Fyah - One Pants Bwoy (Lyrics Snippet)

Same one pants bwoy
Same likkle youth deh weh nobody nuh like
Same Akelius always inna riot
Pick up bottle a dance late a night

The town folks a try push mi down
Cause dem nuh gimme nuh ratings
Dem waan mi fi lick and tun over
Crush and burn out
But a emperor Selassie gimme wings

(Verse 1)
Say a this mi a tell dem
Whatever dem a send
Dem cyah hold mi down

Dem could a cast dem spell
Tell dem seh dung a hell
Dem cyah hold mi down

Empty the bankbook, spend every cent
Obeah man drive Benz and BM out a dem
Dem cyah pay the light bill, house bill and rent
Yet obeah man build big ends out a dem