Lutan Fyah - No weapon (Official Viral video)

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Video by Lutan Fyah performing "No Weapon" off the 'Drinks up Riddim' produced by Chiney K Productions. Video directed by D DMC Films Ja.MC

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Lutan Fyah - No weapon (Lyrics Snippet)

Danny English tell me weh gwaan a Waltham
Big machine inna the wrong man hand
Then badman a tell me sey no mad to di don
Hear me out...

So when me mek a money me a buy piece a land
Buy wah Van and a few head a yam
Me granny false teeth and the prescription
But me nah tek the money buy no weapon
Me dresser glass mash and me need a new fan
Steel block and cement and a truck load a sand
Give some to me gyal put dung some inna bank
Me nah tek the money buy no weapon

Mr officer, leggo me hand a nuh me you wah find
Don't call me name inna your Garrison crime
Money cya bring life so guns we nah buy
So stop listen to the informer guy
No blood nuh deh pon me shoulder I testify
No long eye water round a grave side
Me nuh wuk wid Madden neither Bright Light
Cah me nah mek another mother cry