Luciano - Culture Shock - Warrior Chief Productions

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Luciano asks why some Africans aren't proud to be black in new track titled "Culture Shock", song produced by Warrior Chief Productions.

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Luciano - Culture Shock (Lyrics Snippet)

It's like dem culture shock
Or dem must be stupid or what
Why some Africans dem no proud to be black
Dem culture shock
Why dem do a thing like that
Bleach out dem face until dem skin get crack

Dem have a Fanta face and coco cola body
Skin full a scar and marky marky
When nightime come mi say dem look like duppy
When yuh take a good look dem fava monkey baby

Why dem running away from reality
Changing character and their identity
But it's an illusion as far as I can see
But soon they will realize it's only vanity