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Luciano the messenger ask them to "Change Dem Ways" in new single produced by Nicko Rebel Music.

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Luciano - Change Dem Ways (Lyrics)

Dem blaspheming in the father's face
Talk bout dem bad and a dem run the place
Antagonizing the human race
When dem a kill seh dem naw leave no trace

Dem mad, the whole a dem mad
But mi a beg dem fi change dem ways
Yes dem mad, still seh dem bad
But mi a tell dem fi change dem ways
Fi change dem ways
Mi a warn dem fi change dem ways

(Verse 1)
Billions of dollar just going to waste
Shuttling themselves into outer space
Looking for somewhere they think that is safe
Doing them wrongs and a try to escape
A the almighty dem a try underrate
But fi dem judgement a go done search the date
And every jack-man Jah will obliterate
Cause dem cyah cross dem way to Mount Zion gate

(Verse 2)
Too dangerous, malicious and evilous
We don't know just who to trust
Dem will melt yuh body down to dust
Melt down to dust
They claim the need to depopulate
Reduce mankind to control our fate
Spreading dangerous diseases that they create
To biological warfare they inoculate
Whichever nation they seek to penetrate
Causing mayhem and sacrilege all over the place
And then they think that they are great
But they are nothing but hypocrites