Loaded Ft. Jahvillani - Still A Live - Green Link Studio / Narus

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New 2015 track from Loaded featuring Jahvillani titled "Still A Live". Single was produced by Green Link / Narus, and distributed by Loyal Linkz Digital Distribution.

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Loaded Ft. Jahvillani - Still A Live (Lyrics)

Sometime yuh fi chat with yuh old friends
New friend heavy like lead
Yuh give dem 99
Dem vex fi the 1 weh fi mek a hundred

Yuh nuh see we still a live, we still a live
We nuh follow bag a chat and mouth weh negative
Yuh nuh see we still a live, still a live
Tell dem fi go bathe dem salt nuh rahtid

(Verse 1)
Dem a two mouth sorcerer
A dem put Jah Jah pon the cross iyah
Send fi the van tire fi di vampire
Wolf inna sheep clothes dem a Lucifer

Hey Loaded, tell the dutty frigga dem
We nuh bruk dawg nuff money still a spend
Mi nuh see no bwoy man only see Karen
And Jahvillani never sell out the [email protected] dem

Wull on nuh
The real night life and Jahvi nuh pretend
Dawg dem hungry, man wi go fi dem
Some bwoy badmind dem nuh waan bruk the bread
True dem gyal-friend seh mi style sharp cutting edge
Mi and mi friend dem link thick like Supligen
So a couldn't that boost yuh muss yuh ugly friend
Never beg dem a riz fi roll mi weed
Dem bwoy deh a cat mi nuh waan see no blem