Lady Saw - Whine (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lady Saw performing "Whine" off the 'Bumpa Shake Riddim' produced by Hitmatic Records. Video directed by 3ple-D / Wayne South.

Lady Saw - Whine (Lyrics Snippet)

The gyal dem time, move
Step out a the line, move
We ready fi go whine, move
Gimme a pole mek mi climb, move
Give we some space, move
Da whine yah cyah wait, move
glass a go break, move
Bumpa a go shake, move

(Verse 1)
Drop it, pop it
Cline, tic-toc it
Go dung gyal, come up back
Split, how yuh do dat
Bend ova, arc yuh back
6:30 gone a 36 dat
Belly big, belly flat
It nuh matter caw pound a go drop

(Verse 2)
From Jamaica to Trinidad
The gyal dem whining mad
All dancers dem a wave dem flag
Denise Belfon have the whining lock
Whine a dash out, Bumpa a cack out
The man lock mi out, seh mi whining about
Mi naw fi go a gym, da whine yah mek mi slim
Sweat a run off a mi skin, dancers help mi sing