Lady Saw - Summer Love (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lady Saw performing "Summer Love" off the 'Summa Escape Riddim Vol 1' produced KonseQuence Muzik. Video directed by Wayne South & Black Magik Entertainment. Cameo appearances by Bounty Killer, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, K-Queens among others.

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Lady Saw - Summer Love (Lyrics)

I wannna fall deeply in love
With somebody this summer
I wanna make some sweet love
Before the time is over
I wanna get so damn drunk
And then get sober
We only live once inna life
Me a enjoy mi self give dah boy deh mi number

(Verse 1)
This summer me a touch pon di beach
Me and mi friends inna we little two piece
Me waan feel the white sands under mi feet
Hot boy a roll out inna jeep (look deh)
Me body look hot fi di summer
Inna me drop top fi di summer
Me haffi stay posh fi di summer
A new boyfriend my a cop fi di summer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Party me a party it's summer time
Drive out di Audi it's summer time
Drinking Bacardi it's summer time
Live love and laugh yeah, it's summer time
Body tun up inna mi little short shorts
Every man a lust and a psst when mi pass
Man a do push ups stop fi gimme sweet talk
Moscato mi have inna mi glass (aye)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Single female waiting to exhale
Gimme yuh digits and tek mi email
Dis summer coming mi a go whine pon rail
Bad gyal inna the dance and me naw behave
Nuttn for free money man mi a pree
Any weh mi go man follow back a me
Sexy as can be me and mi bestie
Living it up cause we stress free

(Repeat Chorus)