Laden - Well Clean (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Laden performing "Well Clean" off the 'Here We Go Riddim' produced by Kame Up Records. Video directed by Michael Burbridge (Biggzship), text edited by Yush.

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Laden - Well Clean (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Step out inna mi Gucci belt
Yuh know seh mi use to wealth
Gyal see Young deh inna di Lui-V
And a ask out who is he
Fast car, yuh know we mek girls merry
Anytime we step out inna fresh Burberry
When mi a step inna mi Prada shoes
Every gyal just waan go cruse

We well clean, well clean
Me and mi crew nuh ramp fi shell scene
See we inna the party flossing spending
Yuh nah fi ask we wealthy

And we well clean, well clean
Yo yow, we well clean
See we inna the party flossing spending
Me and mi team nuh ramp fi shell scene

(Verse 2)
Weh we do, Get some chase and rum
And f*k up the place and done
When me and mi crew roll through yuh event
Yuh know a nuff empty crate pon ground
Gyal dem a whine dem waist and tun
Dem love the bass and drum
A so we do we thing when we step a road
Yeh we ever fresh a road