Laden - Gyal Confuse - Khalfani Records

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New track from Laden titled "Gyal Confuse", produced by Khalfani Records and digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos Distribution.

Laden - Gyal Confuse (Lyrics Snippet)

Touch the road clean and mi inna mi straight jeans
Gyal a seh mi sweet and mi a nuh bake beans
Mi and Khalfani nuh inna man army
When we touch the road we seh gyal swarm we
Bare gyal we have, bare gyal we have
Bare gyal we have.... Laden

Portmore, mi seh mi gyal confuse
Anyweh mi step mi can pick and choose
Mi fi be the gyal dem prime minister ask Portia
Gwaan go ask all Bruce
Cause mi have, gyal over yasso, gyal over deh so
Load them up mi seh gas over Esso
Still a tell dem seh mi move dem
All when dem know nut'n don't go so

The amount a gyal mi have yuh can check the total
Step a road and mi nuh step without gyal
Love the gyal dem weh deh good wid [email protected]@b
Gyal fi bad like Mrs Brooke Hogan
When gyal see mi yuh know a bare proposal
When it come to gyal we nuh antisocial
Mi a f*k yuh now gyal
But mi never member seh yuh aunty a mi old gyal