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Music video by Kranium performing "Nobody Has To Know". Video produced, shot and edited by LMR PRO Productions.

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Kranium - Nobody Has To Know (Lyrics Snippet)

Set dah way deh so
Bend dah way deh so
Yuh know mi have a fat c*k fi yuh
I've being waiting

Nobody naw fi know seh me and yuh a f*k
Nobody nnaw fi know seh yuh a give it up
Nobody naw fi know seh yuh come over mi yard
Baby tek off yuh draws

(Verse 1)
Every time yuh come yuh act like yuh nuh waan dweet
And a tell mi seh a sneak yuh a sneak
But from mi look inna yuh eyes mi see the freakiness
Baby girl mek it and leave
A nuh like seh mi nuh treat yuh good
A nuh like seh mi nuh go hard
Every time yuh come a mi yard
Yuh a worry and yuh man deh a yuh yard

(Verse 2)
baby, ride me like a stallion
F*k mi like a number one
Bet yuh speak inna tongues
When mi use mi c*key play guitar wid yuh lungs
Hey gyal mi a go shift yuh womb
When yuh feel the length a the broom
Transform like Tarzan
Bet yuh never get such f*k from a maga-man