Kranium - Lifestyle (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Kranium performing "Lifestyle" produced by LMR / Frequent Flyers Records. Video by @AllEyesOnIt.

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Kranium - Lifestyle (Lyrics)

Everybody have a dream
Everybody, listen me
Ghetto youths

Buy weh yuh waan buy, fly weh yuh waan
F*k any gyal yuh waan f*k
That's the lifestyle weh we want
Buy weh we waan buy, fly weh we want
Hey, F*k any gyal we waan f*k
That's the lifestyle weh mi waan

(Verse One)
From di Benz to the Bentley
Pockets thick never empty
I've been dreaming bout my dream
From the first day mi start elementary
Lot a dem try tempt mi, try side step mi
But mi always pray to the almighty, so mi can

(Verse Two)
My daddy just leave, nobody ain't near
Me, my mother and my sister alone I swear
And I made a promise, make it to myself
Seh even if mi haffi go down south
Go stock a one shelf so mi can