Kranium - History - LMR Productions

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Music video by Kranium performing "History" produced by LMR Productions. Video shot by Johnny Rose, edited by Itchy House Films and produced by Gonzo.

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Kranium - History (Lyrics Snippet)

Dem see the link
And feel seh the link it soft
Till dem go mek a wrong move
And the thugs dem pop off
But anyway

Mi a mek history
So mi nuh listen when some suck pu$$Y bwoy a try diss mi
How mi buss from New York City that a create the mystery
Box mi inna mi face yuh mussi mad, that's highly unlikely

(Verse 1)
Listen this, numbers don't lie
Check iTunes, people a buy
Cyah tell when last mi get fi chill
To how hard man a fly
Mi just dip inna the stash
BMW mi buy that cash
Dem a spread it like a news flash
So mi know the pu$$y dem a watch

(Verse 2)
Hear mi now, mi hear dem talking seh mi hype
Got things yah now mi have all the right
Everytime mi try fi drop a song
A dem same pu$$y deh gimme a fight
But dem know mi a nuh clown
Right now mi a di talk of the town
Mi a spend bare US, mi a spend bare Yeng
Mi a spend bare pound...