Kranium - Between Us (Official Video)

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Music video by Kranium performing "Between Us" off his new album 'Rumors'. Song produced by LMR PRo, video directed by AllEyesOnIt.

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Kranium - Between Us (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Look outside tell mi if yuh see the Jeep
A mi friend mi send come pick you up
Take your time when yuh a walk out
Mi nuh really waan yuh wake him up
I've been waiting for you so long
Baby my feeling so strong
Mi know yuh really fear him
Take your time don't dare him

Mi fi a f*k yuh, mi fi a dweet
If yuh never get catch him cyah seh yuh cheat
Mi fi a f*k yuh, mi fi a dweet
Every message weh mi send, kindly delete it (x2)

(Verse 2)
God know yow mi cyah believe this
Baby mi would a fight fi yuh
Give you everything in my pocket
That's how much i'm weak to you
Right now mi haffi tell you this
Your pu$$y I swear a the tightest
And to how yuh pu$$y feel sweet
Mi wonder how mi [email protected] nuh catch diabetes

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)