Konshens - Watch Your Back - Platinum Camp / Siv Records

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Konshens says nowadays you've got to "Watch Your Back" in his latest single produced by Platinum Camp / Siv Records.

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Konshens - Watch Your Back (Lyrics Snippet)

Nowadays yuh haffi watch yuh back
Cause who yuh thing got yuh back
Want fi stab yuh inna yuh back
And see yuh drop pon yuh back
Rob yuh house front yuh back
Sex your girl from the back
Dem wi do anything
To get the things that yuh got

So tell me who me a go roll wid
When all the one dem weh me grow wid
Sidung a pray fi see the hole dig
And mi lay dung in deh
More time me pree dem likkle thing deh
If yuh no pree dem thing deh
Yuh life yuh could a fling weh

[email protected] that yuh think was your friends just sell yuh out
Just fi get to drive the Bimmers and the Benz