Konshens - Talk Bout It Tomorrow (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Konshens performing "Talk Bout It Tomorrow" off the 'Grape Riddim' produced by Dwala Music. Video directed by Gareth Cobran 'The Truth'.

Konshens - Talk Bout It Tomorrow (Lyrics Snippet)

Position, set up, set up
Yuh body hot, wet up, wet up
Give it to me, give it to me
Give it to me girl

(Verse 1)
Tempers a fly, tears inna eye
Cyah understand nuh matter how hard mi try
If yuh say hello, mi seh bye-bye
Mi tell yuh truth, yuh seh a lie

But nuh matter what we both go through
We know seh we cyah let go
Better we mek the feelings flow-flow-flow

Baby I (I and I)
Wanna feel you close tonight (yeah, yeah)
I don't wanna make you cry
I don't wanna fuss nor fight (no-no-no)
Wanna free your brain of all your pain and sorrow
So let's f*k right now and talk bout it tomorrow

(Verse 2)
No talking, I put my fingers on yuh lips
The next hand rubbing my fingers on yuh
Dem say a woman tongue is her deadliest weapon
Gonna mek yuh put that tongue to better use in a second

Caress yuh body mek yuh know seh mi want yuh
Look in my eyes it a go show seh mi need yuh
Girl yuh love me bad, bad
And without you I can't be glad, glad